Best Day Ever!

He's officially home safe! Thank goodness the winter weather cooperated enough to get him home safe and on time. I will probably be taking a break from blogging so I can spend some quality time with Chris for the short time that he's back in Arizona, plus we have an array of Christmas activities planned in the next few days. Hopefully it will finally feel like Christmastime for the both of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


A Little Slow

For everyone who was wondering, I'm back safe and sound. I've simply been too busy getting ready for Chris' return/Christmas to write anything. I have photos from the trip, which was great, but I am in the process of making a video surprise for Chris, so I will post it here when I'm done. It will help to explain all the photos and get a better idea of what he's been up to the last 10 weeks. I've never done one before, so I hope it turns out ok. I'm using iMovie on my mac, so my project for tomorrow night is to create the whole thing before Chris comes home Saturday night. If anyone has used this and has any pointers or tips let me know! I'm guessing I'll have a long Friday night, so hopefully lots of caffeine will help me out :)


A Deer for my Dear

Only two more days until I leave for Virginia to see Chris! Technically in less than 48 hours I am leaving, and in less than 72, I'll be hanging out with him! As you probably can guess, I am very excited. I've been doing a lot of stuff around the house to prepare for his arrival. Unfortunately his arrival has been delayed until the 20th, but nevertheless I am now 99% done with my projects. Below is one of my greatest accomplishments. I guess it wasn't my accomplishment, it was Chris's last November. However...I was the one who picked it up and hung it on the wall. Actually, I didn't even hang it, my dad did, but you get the point. He was very anxious to see it, so I actually had to send him a photo of it all hung up. While it's certainly not every one's dream to have something like this hanging on the wall, I'm no stranger to such decor. In fact, this is nothing compared to my grandparents' house. I will be putting up the rest of my changes to the house little by little, but here's a taste of what's to come. Enjoy and meet Jim Bob, the newest member of our family...


My Two Cents

Why I'm happy...

Gas was $1.53 when I filled up at Costco last night, meaning that I filled my whole tank for $25.01 exactly! Even if these prices don't last long, it is certainly saving me money in the meantime. Much better than the $60+ I used to spend every time I filled up. Considering how much I drive each week, me and my wallet and enjoying the break at the pump.

Why I'm not happy...

According to, the HIGH, yes the high, for Thursday and Friday in Virginia is 37 and 36! I think the world is playing a cruel joke on me. I am not cut out for this kind of weather. The worst part? The morning graduation is outside on bleachers. And no they don't move it inside because there is a military parade as part of the ceremony which cannot possibly be held indoors. I have not been in weather that cold in 3 years, since I spent a week in Atlantic City, NJ in January. At least they are no longer predicting rain for Friday, but seriously? In the 30's as a high? I might have rethink this whole moving to the east coast thing.


One Week!

That's right, one week from today I am leaving the warm Arizona weather to fly to Northern Virginia for Chris' graduation and commissioning ceremonies. I can't wait to see him on Thursday, which is family day. His parents and sister are also coming for the occasion so it will be nice to see them as well. The weather is the only part I'm concerned with, I'm going to be going from 70's to 40's and even colder at night. Being an desert rat, I barely own any heavy sweaters, so that's a whole other issue I'm contending with at the moment.

I'm bringing the not so good camera, but am planning on taking the nice Nikon D60 as well, so I should have a TON of pictures from the events. My one big goal is to get a nice Christmas card photo of the two of us. I'm not sure they will make it to people by Christmas, so maybe they'll end up as New Year's cards, but you get the idea.

One more week!