A Little Slow

For everyone who was wondering, I'm back safe and sound. I've simply been too busy getting ready for Chris' return/Christmas to write anything. I have photos from the trip, which was great, but I am in the process of making a video surprise for Chris, so I will post it here when I'm done. It will help to explain all the photos and get a better idea of what he's been up to the last 10 weeks. I've never done one before, so I hope it turns out ok. I'm using iMovie on my mac, so my project for tomorrow night is to create the whole thing before Chris comes home Saturday night. If anyone has used this and has any pointers or tips let me know! I'm guessing I'll have a long Friday night, so hopefully lots of caffeine will help me out :)

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MegCherry said...

I've used iMovie a lot. Call me if you need help :)

Can't wait to see the pictures!