Feeling Neglected

I'm sure that's how my blog is feeling right now. I have completely 100% ignored this baby of mine. But in all fairness, it's been a busy, and sometimes stressful last few month or so. Let's see if I can put this into a condensed version although I'm sure I'm leaving out a LOT!

1. Chris got layed off - This certainly isn't what you expect to happen when you return to your first day of work after a year of Military Leave. It's been very rough for him. I think he is getting pretty sick of sitting at home all day. Thank goodness he was given a generous amount of severance pay, so money-stress isn't really an issue yet. He's started looking, but he has to leave again in January for more training, so that's a major hurdle in trying to find a new job.

2. We have a new baby in the house - Chris brought home a new kitten with him when he came back. He rescued her from a flood after Hurricane Danny came through New Jersey. She's adorable and he named her BAMCIS. Yes, its bizarre, but it's an Marine Corps acronym and it fits her perfectly. I usually just call her Bam for short. It was an adjustment for the other animals in the house, especially Hawkins bc he was the only kitty, but now they are best friends. She makes me laugh all the time, and she makes the funniest noises. It's kind of fun to have a "baby" in the house.

3. I took the GRE and actually did well! - I had basically been studying like a madwoman every day after work. I was pretty worried about it, but since you get part of your results right away, I already know part of my score. I will post the results is a separate post!

4. I'm applying to graduate school - I'm only applying to 1 program right now, at ASU, because of the instate tuition. I'm applying to the Walter Kronkite School of Journalism program for a masters in Mass Communication. The main application is in, now I'm just working on getting in some supplemental materials.

I am really hoping to kick this back up again. I love blogging, and now that I have Photoshop on my desktop, I can edit photos much easier than on my 13" laptop. I'm hoping to do 2 quick posts of October and November as soon as possible. Stay tuned!