A Deer for my Dear

Only two more days until I leave for Virginia to see Chris! Technically in less than 48 hours I am leaving, and in less than 72, I'll be hanging out with him! As you probably can guess, I am very excited. I've been doing a lot of stuff around the house to prepare for his arrival. Unfortunately his arrival has been delayed until the 20th, but nevertheless I am now 99% done with my projects. Below is one of my greatest accomplishments. I guess it wasn't my accomplishment, it was Chris's last November. However...I was the one who picked it up and hung it on the wall. Actually, I didn't even hang it, my dad did, but you get the point. He was very anxious to see it, so I actually had to send him a photo of it all hung up. While it's certainly not every one's dream to have something like this hanging on the wall, I'm no stranger to such decor. In fact, this is nothing compared to my grandparents' house. I will be putting up the rest of my changes to the house little by little, but here's a taste of what's to come. Enjoy and meet Jim Bob, the newest member of our family...

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MegCherry said...

Nice buck...Chris should feel proud.
Anxious to hear and see pictures from your trip!