The Countdown Begins

So we are officially at one week until we are out of our house, and the renters take over.  I've been full of mixed emotions the past week or so, realizing that we are really moving out the house and home Chris and I have shared the past 3 1/2 years.  Ok, technically we only "shared" it for about 2 1/2 years, but you know what I mean.  I'm so happy that we found renters without even trying, and even though we were hoping to have a little more time in the house since we don't HAVE to lease, we know it's the right thing to do.  We are moving into my parent's house, and into my old room.  It should be interesting.  For one things, there's a full bed in there.  For anyone who hasn't met Chris, he's a big guy.  Not big fat, but he's 6ft tall and pretty muscular.  And the room isn't particulary large.  But we are hoping that he will find a job soon back east and he will only be there for a month or so. 

Here's a little pro-con list of our move.  Not that it changes anything of course, but don't they say that it helps to write things down?

  • 4 mile roundtrip commute to work instead of a 50 mile roundtrip commute
  • My mom's cooking!  This should probably be 2 or 3 pros b/c it's really good stuff
  • No more utility payments
  • No more yardwork and pool maintenance
  • My grandparents 3 houses away with their gorgeous resortlike backyard
  • Closer to downtown Phoenix which means more sporting events
  • Beach cruiser rides to breakfast, coffee, and pretty much anywhere with my mom
  • 3 cats and 2 dogs in one house.  And the cats aren't too keen on one of the dogs
  • Very little space to ourselves
  • Sharing a bathroom with one sink, and a very little counter
  • No big screen TV :(
  • Sharing a small walk in closet.  Great for one person, not so much for two
You can probably see that the pros outweight the cons for the most part.  We may feel a bit cramped, but it will just take some adjusting.  I've already started bringing my clothes to my parent's house, and the computers will be next.  That's pretty much all we are bringing with us besides the animals and their necessities. 

I'll conclude with some pictures I took last weekend when we worked for three straight days around the house.  So much for my President's Day Weekend!  Our biggest project was the pool.  We had to drain the pool, powerwash it, and refill it.  We had let it get really bad, and it looked like a pond.  The only way to fix it was to drain it, and then clean up everything.  I haven't taken an "after" photo yet, but let's just say that the after is beautiful!!!     

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Emily said...

Good luck with your move! This month will be interesting, for sure. I hope it turns out okay for you guys.

I bet the pool looks great. :)