Almost There.

We are now almost all the way out of the old house and into the storage units and my parents house.  It's been extremely hectic and tiring, but in 2 days we turn over the house and so it will be over.  I meant to take pictures of the whole moving event, but let's be honest, I was way too busy to be sitting around taking pictures.  I barely sat down all weekend as it was.  The house is being cleaned today, and Chris and my dad are finishing up taking odds and ends to the storage units.  And yes, that's units with an "s".  We have two - one for stuff that Chris needs immediately and the other is stuff that will go out east eventually.  Let's just say we have a lot of crap things.  And while most people say that the girl side of the duo has more stuff, I can safely say that Chris has way more things than I do! 

We also still have a lot of organizing to do at my parent's house.  Trying to fit all of our stuff is proving to be a challenge, but I am slowly but surely getting it done.  So in light of everything, I will be taking a break from blogging until that's done.  And then I'll have pictures to show everyone of my (our) new space.  Stay tuned to see my new little slice of life! 

*Hahaha I say all this like I have a ton of readers and my posts will be missed :)   

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Soham Mukherjee said...

Well...wish you a nice stay there!