BIG Changes Coming...

It's official.  We are moving out of our house in two weeks and the house on canary will no longer be ours.  Well I guess that's not totally true since we own it still (at least half of us does) and we will be renting it out to a family.  Which leads me to another issue...this blog will no longer be relevant.  Part of me wants to keep the name for the sake of keeping it, and part of me wants to change it to something a little more relevant.  Not that anyone will really know the difference, but I feel like I could use a change.  Plus, once the move is complete I should have a lot more time to blog.  I keep saying that, but this time, it will really be true.  I won't have the yard work to do, the housework to do, and the commute. 

Oh and did I mention we are moving in with my parents???  It's a temporary gig until Chris can find a job back east and we find out if I got into grad school.  Once those two items are checked off the list, I will either stay with them during school, or head off to the east coast with Chris.  I will find out between March 1st and 15th and the wait is killing me.

So what does everyone think???  Should I keep the name and just do a site revamp, or do a name and site revamp all at the same time?  Let me know (if anyone is actually reading this.  but that's a whole other issue).    

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mom said...

Decisions....decisions. You could change it to "The House on Montecito". Doesn't have quite the ring to it, does it?