First Item Gone!!!

I finally did item is officially gone from my freezer.  And that first item is...naked chicken nuggets!  The final six made it into my lunch for today, and I was able to throw the bag away.  I must admit this has been a lot harder than expected.  First of all, b/c I keep forgetting to take things out the freezer to defrost.  Take today for example.  Last night I thought "oh I should take out a steak tonight and defrost it for tomorrow night".  Of course then I fell asleep and didn't do it, and didn't do it this morning either.  Now it looks like steak will have to wait until the weekend.  Secondly, because I'm really not home very much to eat.  I don't eat out, that's not the problem, but I really am not a huge eater most days.  When Chris is home, I will cook full meals every night.  But the minute he's gone, I am happy with eggs and sausage for dinner, or cereal.  My goal for this week is to make actual meals every day.  I still haven't blogged about my freezer meal from last week, but I promise I will do that this weekend.  I will have to see what I can come up with this week.  I'm anticipating some pasta, or maybe a quesadilla.  I need to have people over to help me finish off all this food!!!   

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