Operation Clean Freeze

We have a garage freezer.  I realize this isn't uncommon, but the common thing to do is to move it from house to house.  And we are not common.  That freezer is going straight to storage, which means one thing...we need to empty the darn thing!  And by we I mean me.  So I am embarking on a new project I have lovingly decided to refer to as Operation Clean Freeze.  Ok, the name needs some work, so suggestions are appreciated.

My goal:  1.  To use everything in the freezer in a quality meal by February 19th.  2.  Document those meals on this blog.  3.  Take some fun photos of said quality meals using my new photo lights.

I will be introducing the cast of characters this weekend, after a wonderfuly frozen food photo shot.  I did manage to use up a partial bag of frozen peas in my lunch today, so that's already one thing off the list!

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