All Better

That's how I feel about my living room and kitchen these days. After a weekend of painting, and another weekend of redecorating, it's officially done! I am so thankful for my parents who did almost all of the painting. I can say that I helped with some of the prep work, but that's about it. My dad even did some work on Father's Day! Both of my parents also took a day off from work to finish the kitchen. So a big thank you to you both! I can't believe how much nicer everything looks now that there is a fresh coat of paint on the walls. The counters do have to be recaulked, but that is the only thing that's left. I wish I had taken a picture of how bad the caulking looked, and my dad agreed,which is why he started stripping it off right away. I had tried to cover it up with items on the counter, but part of my goal was to have a cleaner look, so a lot of counter items found homes elsewhere in the process. Here are a few "after" pictures. I forgot to take pictures of the archways I painted a different color, so I will have to take some and post them another time.
Our living room. I love our Entertainment Unit! And all those red books are cookbooks...gosh I love to cook :)

The kitchen. I love all the cabinet space and counter space. I do wish all of our appliances matched and the cabinets were different, but oh well.

See the curtain over the window? My mom and I created that using cloth napkins. The whole thing cost me less than $20. And please excuse the garbage in the corner, recycle needs to go out and I've been a little lazy.

I LOVE these new items. They are actually screens that have been painted. I got them during our weekend in the mountains, and I got all 3 of them for $12.00!!!! The spice rack with the house (don't even want to know what else they left behind) and the dried stalk came from Kirklands for $8.00. Another great improvement for around $20.00.
Stay tuned for a holiday weekend post. My mom has some pictures so when I'm at her house tomorrow I'll download them and do another, slightly longer, post.

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