Twitter huh?

So I finally joined Twitter after my cousin, who also happens to be my co-worker, said that it would be a great way for me to network with other marketing/pr professionals. I was pretty against it from the beginning, but am starting to find my way around and figure some things out. I don't follow many celebrities, with the exception of Paula Deen, her boys, and Pioneer Woman, but have started trying to network. You can now see my Twitter updates in the right hand column, with a link to follow if you'd like. Just an FYI, names are already so picked over, I didn't want something cheesy, so I went with MsJanelleRene. I figure it will last me a while, unlike those aol names from the early 90's. Remember those???? So anyhoo, I PROMISE I will do some major blogging this weekend, probably like 10 posts worth. It's so hot here, there really isn't much else to do. 110=me staying inside. YIKES!

So you twitter and who do you follow?

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Callipygian said...

Yes, I twitter, although only a few times a week. I follow 15 people, although a third of them haven't twittered in a month or more so they barely count. Friends and family, plus the San Jose Sharks and John Mayer. I'll probably remove the Sharks when the season starts, because I'll be obsessively checking their website anyway.