I'm Back...Sort Of

Ok, I know I didn't get to blog once during my trip. Mainly because the wireless internet at the hotel was spotty and my mac didn't respond well to their wired connection, but also because I was just plain tired at the end of every day. That's the sign of a good vacation right? So while I spend a few more days decompressing from the events of the past few weeks, take a look at the new section in the right hand column I've added...the book section.

The summertime is really when I do all my reading. With the Arizona heat, we aren't left with very many options of things to do. Swimming, reading, and holing up in my house are usually at the top of the list. Also, because I can go through a book in a few days, sometimes even less, I tend to rely on the library, not the bookstore for my constant stream of books. I'm going to post what I am currently reading in case anyone needs any ideas of their own. Right now I am reading a culinary mystery series. The first one is posted now, although technically I just finished the last few pages earlier at work. I recommend it. Anyone have any good book ideas? If so, post them below and see you in a few days for an east coast recap!

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