I will post about my fabulous trip. However, I've been too busy with other things to sit down and really write about it. Most of those items have been house related. I created an extensive to do list for each room of the house and am slowly working on getting everything done. My goal? To have everything done by the end of August. The reason? Can't really say just yet, but wait for some potentially exciting news in the near future. I know...people might "hate" me for holding out, but there's a good chance you might have already guessed. And NO, it does not have anything to do with marriage or pregnancy, so you can get your minds out of those two gutters right now! Haha just kidding, those aren't gutters, but aren't the reason for my to-do list craziness.

This weekend I am headed up to our cabin in Northern AZ with my parents, and possibly my grandparents. I am looking forward to getting away from the city, even though the weather here has been quite mild so far the past week or so. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with a must try recipe. And I really must must try. As in if you don't try it in the next week or so, I might try to harm you. Just kidding!

A few weeks ago I went to a pool party hosted by a guy who I work out with. I'll have to go into more detail about the gym I've started going to another day, but anyways, we were all invited over to his house for an afternoon pool party. I knew that I wanted to bring something, and of course, something sweet was requested. Only a few days earlier I had seen this recipe and thought to myself that I had to make that, the only problem being that of course living alone at the moment, I would have to eat the whole thing. This pool party was the perfect excuse to have a little bit, and dump the rest on other people. It's called the Cookie Cake Pie and comes from the fabulous blog CakeSpy. The whole concept is amazing, and I really hope everyone has the chance to make it. You can make it with any combo you can create, and I really encourage everyone to try this at some point. I chose the following combo:
  1. Homemade pie crust
  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough from a mix
  3. Golden butter cake mix
  4. Fudge frosting from a can
  5. Round rainbow sprinkles
The reason I used all the pre-made, mix type items was two fold. One was to save time, and two, because I had all these mixes sitting in my pantry. I did manage to make homemade pie crust because for me, it's neither difficult nor time consuming, but I was perfectly happy using packaged items for the other components. Feel free to go above and beyond and make everything from scratch, if I hadn't had all the other ingredients in my cupboard and wanted to use them up, I probably would have done so.

I also didn't get a single picture. I really should have taken a few at home, but I was in a rush, and it didn't last long enough at the party to get a good shot. You'll have to use your imagination this time around, but trust me, it was pretty. I have another combo in mind, so maybe I'll make that for the next pool party and I'll share that with you, making sure to take a photo!

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