East Coast Bound

As of tomorrow morning at 7:10am, I will be on vacation for 10 glorious days. My parents and I are headed to Virginia and Washington DC. Here's a rough outline of the trip...

Friday - Sunday: (Fredericksburg, VA) My mom and I are doing the Marine Corps Half Marathon on Sunday morning so we are spending our first weekend there. Visiting with Chris and doing all the race stuff will certainly keep us busy.

Sunday - Friday: (Washington, DC) My parents and I are going to DC!!! I am so beyond thrilled as I have never been to DC other than to the airport. My Dad and I are first timers, while my mom has been there at least 2 or 3 times already. I planned out a day by day itinerary so we could squeeze in as much as possible. I can't wait to see the sights, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Chris is in training all week, but might be able to drive up for dinner one night.

Friday - Monday: (Jersey Shore) Friday morning Chris and I are dropping my parents off at the airport and we are going on the New Jersey to spend Memorial Day weekend at the shore. I think the beach might be a bit too cold for this desert diva but we shall see. Either way I'm looking forward to going to the shore during the "season" aka when everything is actually open. Definitely different than our trip there in February. As long as I get Duffers ice cream, I will be a happy camper, or beacher I guess (hahaha).

I'm hoping to blog every day since I have my computer, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. I may end up just doing short recaps instead of longer posts this time around. Thank goodness for free Internet at both hotels. We don't have Internet at the shore, so that will have to wait until I get home.

~~~~~~~~~ON A TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~

Not sure if anyone knew this, but back in October Mother's Cookies closed their doors. I was pretty much devastated that I would no longer be able to enjoy those famous pink and white frosted circus cookies with the non-pareils. Seriously, they bring back a ton of memories. I remember buying them at convenience stores as a treat when I was younger, and my mom and I would eat them, not looking at the nutritional label, as those things could not possibly be good for anyone. I hadn't had them in a few years, but when I heard the news I was crushed. I even went around to stores seeing if they had any leftovers.

But this month the most marvelous thing happened...they reopened!!! Actually Kellogg's' purchased them and their recipes and started re manufacturing all their cookies in the original packages. I found this out earlier this week and yesterday I actually went to the store specifically looking for my circus cookies. Low and behold I found them, bought a bag, and opened them the minute I was handed my receipt. I was overjoyed to find out that nothing had changed. I am pretty sure I could eat the entire bag in one sitting, but I did manage some self control and stopped at 3. Conclusion: Thank you Kellogg's for saving my cookies!

How can you resist one of these little guys?

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