Home Makeover Part II

This past weekend was spent on home makeover part II. Part I was the "front room" as I like to call it, since we never can really decide what it is, only that it's the room at the front of our house. We painted and finally got around to decorating it in the fall. That was one of Chris's surprises when he came home for Christmas. Luckily, he really liked it.

Part II consists of the living room and kitchen. Because of our open floor plan, the front room, living room and kitchen all run together, making it necessary to paint the entire space one color. You'd be amazed at how much a coat of paint changes the look of the room. The rooms already look much warmer and inviting without those harsh yet dingy white walls. I will post all the before and after pictures once we are done putting everything back and adding a few more decor items. Luckily these rooms were pretty much done decorating-wise, so there won't be very many more additions. I did buy a few things on our trip to the mountains last weekend, and I can't wait to add them to the mix. And a HUGE thanks to my parents, who did all the painting. It wasn't that I didn't want to help, but they have a pretty good two person system, and I don't really have a spot to help. I stayed busy though, cleaning out my refrigerator (I found items that were best by 2006, I really needed to do this) and reorganized my pantry and cleaned that out as well. I also spend time on our pool and laundry and such. Stay tuned to see how everything comes together!

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