Just monkeying around

During the whole Hawkins ordeal, I decided I needed to do something to keep myself busy while I was at the house waiting and hoping for his return. I didn't have a lot of ingredients for things that popped into my head and I wanted to do something more than just cookies. Then I remembered that my Gramma had given me a kit for Monkey Bread for Christmas. I had thought about making it another time, but it had steps that required a lot of time, and until today I hadn't had the amount of time it required. But given I wanted something that would take a while, I knew this was perfect.

The kit came with most of the ingredients, and the things I needed I had on hand. This is a yeast bread, so I was overjoyed that the box said the dough could be made in the bread machine. I put all the ingredients together and hit dough and I was set. Once the dough came out, you roll it out and cut it into little pieces, form balls and roll them in butter and a cinnamon sugar mix. From there it all goes into a bundt pan and I made a sauce with butter, maple syrup, and more cinnamon sugar mix. As you can see butter and sugar are a huge part of this, definitely not low cal! After you pour the sauce over the pieces, you let it rise for another 30 or 45 minutes before baking.

I will say it right now, I might just be obsessed now. I love how you can just pull apart the pieces. I am going to try to make it from scratch since I'm sure the mix was a little more expensive and I most likely have the ingredients at home in the pantry. Here are a few photos of the finished product. There are various recipes out there, including ones made with refrigerator biscuits which seem much less time consuming. Enjoy!

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Meg said...

I love monkey bread! I make it every Christmas's a tradition! I have a really simple recipe for people like me who like to keep cooking easy ;) Wish I could have a bite!!!!