It's still spring...right?

I realize that I've gotten behind on the blogging, but really, Easter is the only big thing that I've failed to blog about that was of any real importance. I'll give a quick recap with some good photos. When I was younger, even when I was in college I think, my whole family would go out for Easter brunch. I am a huge fan of both brunch and buffets (good ones of course, not shady ones) so I always loved this. I can eat, and I mean really eat, when I go to a good brunch buffet, so when the family decided to stop going for expensive brunches and instead opting for home cooked meals, I was a little bit disappointed. I quickly got over it though, and this year was probably our best homemade Easter celebration. It was small, my grandparents, parents, Aunt Janis and my Aunt Julie and her husband Mike. Nevertheless, the selection of food was one for a giant crowd. The menu consisted of the following

Honey Roasted Turkey
Fresh garden salad
Fruit salad
Scalloped potatoes
Hot cross buns
Sunflower cake
Butterscotch nests

I think that sums it up. Oh and candy and chocolate...a lot of it. I ate all day long and felt pretty overstuffed that evening. We had a great time, sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful Arizona spring. Here's a few pictures detailing the festivities.

The beautiful table. Each place setting had candy and a cute Easter lollipop.You can't tell but mine was a marshmallow flavored bunny.
My parents. The shadows disfigured them a little :)
The bunny bread. How cute is he! Tasty too
My mom's scalloped potatoes. They are full of mushrooms and amazing.
The beautiful sunflower cake made with Peeps and chocolate chips. Inside was yellow cake.

The whole family enjoying the day outside.

I am going to talk about the butterscotch nests and quiche that I made in a different post so I can post both photos and recipes. Stay tuned!

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