Happy Mother's Day!

***Note that I wrote this Monday, but due to my busy week is just getting posted today***

I know that Mother's Day was yesterday, but I was so busy yesterday celebrating that I forgot to write anything, so this is more of a recap than anything else. Yesterday was great, and I enjoyed spending time with some of the mothers in my family. I was in charge of planning it, so I tried to make it as low key as possible. We decided to have a late lunch/early dinner at my grandparents house. Unfortunately it's been way too hot here to eat outside, so we settled for indoors. We also went with a simple meal consisting of pork loin with strawberry-avocado salsa, roasted veggies, sliced tomatoes and sesame bread. My dad and grandpa grilled the pork, I made the salsa, my aunt Janis made the roasted veggies, my mom brought the tomatoes from her garden and my aunt Julie made the sesame bread. Everything was so good, and everyone loved how healthy and light we made it.

After dinner we opened up some Mother's Day presents and cards and then had dessert. For dessert I made Hummingbird Cake. I had seen the recipe a while ago and thought I had to make it, but was lacking an occasion and I certainly didn't need a two layer cake to eat myself. It was actually the first time I've ever made a layer cake, which was very shocking considering the amount of baking I do. I give it a 7 for looks, but a 10 for taste! Everyone loved it and my uncle even proclaimed it his new favorite cake. The recipe is from Southern Living magazine, and is a very popular southern recipe, choc full of banana, pineapple and pecans. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a easy recipe for an amazing cake. My grandpa also made homemade ice cream which is possibly the best thing ever, and a wonderful surprise for the moms since its usually something we reserve for Father's Day and 4th of July.

Last but not least, Happy Mother's Day (again) to all the moms out there. I am lucky enough to be taking a vacation with mine starting on Friday to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. We are very excited to get out of this 100 degree weather and do some sightseeing and seafood eating. I love you Mom, thanks for everything you've done for the past 26 years, and especially the last 7 months!

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