What's On Your Table???

Now that Thanksgiving is only 2 days away, I am finally getting into the whole holiday spirit. It's been so warm here that I still feel like it's September or early October. Today is the first day it feels like fall---it's cloudy for once and it's only in the 60's at the moment. We are actually supposed to be getting rain on Turkey Day, which is fine with me, except for the family turkey trot we are supposed to do in the morning. I will really need to exercise so I can eat whatever I want!
So my question is...what are you in charge of for this year's Thanksgiving? We are having a small gathering for our family, only 9 this year, but somehow our menu didn't shrink at all! I am in charge of the following

- Mashed potatoes
- Pumpkin creme pies
- Apple pie
- Dinner rolls

The last two are with the help of my mom, and we already made the apple pie. I will hopefully remember to take pictures of everything so I can post them and the recipes after the big day. For now, check out the photos of our apple pie. We actually made the pie last Thursday and put it in the freezer until Turkey Day. The recipe is the same one from the Apple Pie Party I posted about earlier. The best thing about this pie is that you can bake it from frozen and it tastes exactly the same! It saves time on the actual day of festivities, but you still have a great homemade pie.

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