The making of a Marine

Today is officially 3 weeks until Chris' graduation ceremony. I am more than excited to see him again. It's crazy to think that I haven't seen the person I've lived with for over 2 years in 2 1/2 months. I've been blessed to be able to talk to him the past few weekends and I can't believe everything he has been doing. Here are a few reasons I am so incredibly proud of him.
  1. He managed to get through the first few weeks with a horrible chest cold and cough.
  2. He was chosen to lecture to the rest of his platoon when his platoon commander couldn't be there.
  3. He passed both the land navigation and night land navigation tests with a %100 score.
  4. The commanding officer of OCS told him that during his team lead exercise, he did nothing wrong.
  5. He has yet to fail any academic test (you can fail 4 and still pass, other candidates have already failed 5).

Here's a proof of a photo that was taken during the past few weeks. I just hope he didn't forget how to smile!

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