Pumpkin Creme Pies

Tonight is the night before Thanksgiving and I've been hard at work since leaving the office around noon today. The one thing I needed to make before tomorrow was the second dessert, pumpkin creme pies. I came across this recipe on a wedding blog of all places. The purpose of the post was to say they would make a great midnight snack at a wedding or as a dessert at a bridal shower, but since I wasn't having either of those, I really didn't have a reason to make them. That is until Thanksgiving came around, and since no one coming this year is a huge pumpkin pie eater except my dad (sorry dad, but you know it will be around at Christmas), I decided that our dose of pumpkin would come through these.

The recipe seemed easy but complicated at the same time. Most of the complicated-ness came from how you made the cookie part, using a frosting tip. I was unsure how this would work out, and with little room for error, I decided to just go for it. Actually, I cheated a little. A co-worker of mine made them last night after I mentioned the recipe and she brought a few into work today. Hers looked nothing like the recipe, she said that the cookie "dough" was really thick and therefore was hard to spread. I'm not sure how she made her circles, but mine turned out just like the picture. Her story did however make me think long and hard about how to make the circles work out. Here's my tip if you are planning on making these...cut individual parchment paper squares and turn the paper as you are squeezing the pastry bag. It really works great that way. Here are a few pictures from my endeavors. PS these pictures will make you realize why I want a new digital camera for Christmas (hint hint mom, I know you will read this!)

Here's the cookie on it's individual parchment square. I know it doesn't look that appealing, but it's tasty I promise!
The finished cookies before they were frosted and sandwiched.

The finished product!

You can find the original blog post here with the recipe. And like I said before, the only thing I suggest is using the parchment squares. It really made it so easy to make the circles. Enjoy!

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MegCherry said...

Those look A-MAZ-ING! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!