Black Friday Success

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know that mine was wonderful. I got to talk to Chris for 20 minutes or so, which was amazing. The feast was just that, a feast. I don't expect anything less from my family. One of the biggest parts of yesterday was looking at the ads for the next day's Black Friday. I think my mom was the most excited about the ads. All week she talked about it and she even went online the day before Thanksgiving looking for pirated versions of them. We looked at them at least twice yesterday, once before dinner and once after. The "after" was the most important. My mom, dad, gramma and I sat around the kitchen table and looked through each ad carefully making detailed notes of what was on sale and store/sale hours. After that we labeled each of the places we found items we needed/wanted so that we could make a big loop in the proper order. This is what we ended up with...

Woke up - 4:15am
Gramma came over - 4:45am
Started our shopping - 5:00am
Returned home - 2:30pm

Here's a list of the stores we hit (in this order roughly)...
  1. Macy's (multiple purchases)
  2. Michael's (multiple purchases)
  3. Joann (multiple x2 purchases)
  4. Pier 1 (purchase)
  5. Bath and Body Works (purchase)
  6. Old Navy (no purchase)
  7. J.Crew Outlet (multiple purchases)
  8. Gap Outlet (no purchase)
  9. Nike Outlet (multiple purchases)
  10. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (purchase)
  11. Ann Taylor Outlet (no purchase)
  12. Reebok Outlet (purchase)
  13. Luggage Store (no purchase)
  14. Sports Chalet (purchase)
  15. CHIPOTLE ...finally a food break!
  16. A different Macy's (purchase)
  17. Express (no purchase)
  18. Papaya (purchase)
  19. JC Penny (no purchase)
At this point we came home and dropped all the stuff off. I went back to my house and my mom called again and said that she was coming down to the mall by my house to look for something. I met her at the mall where I had to return something at Forever 21 so I also went there and then to return something at Target. So overall, we hit up 20+ stores. My dad also helped us out a little bit by going to Wal-Mart and Tuesday Morning. I can't believe everything we bought. Here's a few photos of what my mom's car looked life after our 9 1/2 hours of shopping!!!!
My mom's SUV with the third row folded down!

We even had some Santas in the back seat with my gramma!

Here we all mom, me and my gramma after a hard shopping day!

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