Bringing back memories

This weekend, as bizarre as it seems, is bringing out a lot of memories and reminding me of the differences between this year and last year. I think it's kind of a fluke that these two events are happening again this year, just as they did last year. This weekend is quite busy for my family. We have my mom's annual Apple Pie Party and my dad's deer hunt. Last year, this was considered an extremely successful and happy weekend for my family. Last year my dad, grandparents and Chris headed down to Southern Arizona for the big deer hunt. In Arizona you are considered extremely lucky if you get a deer permit because of our limited herd numbers. They were all so excited to get drawn, especially Chris, because that was his first hunt ever. Today (Friday) was the first day of their hunt last year, and it's the first day this year. This day last year, Chris called me, so excited with the news that both he and my dad had gotten their deer on opening morning. I remember the excitement in his voice and how proud he was of himself.

When he called I was at the pie party. My mom has been doing this for the last few years, and it's always a hit. Friends and family gather and each person actually makes an apple pie to take home and bake at your leisure. We eat mac & cheese and drink caramel apple martinis and just have an all around great time.

But this year I won't be getting that happy phone call from him. In fact, I won't be getting a phone call at all. We are limited to talking on weekends, and only during that 24-36 hour period that he is on leave. That was certainly not the case last year. This isn't meant to seem sad, just a reminder of how much has changed. I will still have fun making pie tonight, and my dad and grandparents are still hunting in Southern Arizona. But someone is missing from that equation, and that someone that is missing is the someone I miss the most.

*I'll be sure to post photos from the party and from my trip to California later this weekend. I'm still working my red eye magic on most of the photos. Darn my blue eyes.

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