Happy (almost) Halloween!

This is my first weekend away since Chris' departure and I must say I need this more than anything. I'm heading off to California tomorrow to see my best friend of 9+ years! Kim is a 3rd year law student at Pepperdine (also our undergrad alma mater) and she is possibly the most involved law student in the world.

In order to break from the real, and sometimes harsh world, we have mega plans for the weekend. Halloween will be filled with a fun night at a party and the bars. Saturday will be breakfast at our favorite place, Lilly's and then a nice walk on the beach. Sunday is Malibu Kitchen and Pepperdine stuff. I'm sure there will be a mixture of other fun things in there as well, but that's what we have planned for now. I hope to be a busy picture taker this weekend (I am currently contemplating taking the good camera) and I'll post some stuff when I get back!

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yay! i made the blog :)