Back to Baking

After trying to curb my sweet tooth by eliminating sweets from the house (considering I'm currently the only one home to eat them), I am officially back on the wagon...I have officially started my fall baking! I'd say Friday kicked off my desire to have something baking 24/7 due to the Apple Pie Party. I haven't baked my pie yet, but I'd say it turned out pretty well. I'll be sure to post a photo of it (unbaked) shortly. I also started making my portion of the Christmas cookies my family hands out every year. We usually make between 30 and 40 kinds, and I think we end up with somewhere around 3,500 cookies each December. The only way we can make that many is to start in October/November and freeze them as we go. It always works out great, you can't tell they've been frozen and everyone raves about them year after year. Yesterday I baked chocolate crinkles and I have to finish them tonight.

I also want to try a bunch of new recipes I've found. So far I'll be debuting something new at Thanksgiving, but that's about it. Maybe I'll try some things just for fun. My stomach will be happy, but my scale won't be :( Either way, I'll be posting more photos and recipes (if they aren't too secret) in the coming weeks!

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