What a Week!

That's really all I can say to the week we've just had. It all started Thursday night when we found out that Chris got into OCS! He is thrilled that he was accepted into the program for October. October 3rd is his leave date and he will be at Quantico Marine Base until December 12th.

We also spent the weekend in Denver for our friends Erin and James' wedding. It was a lot of fun and everything was beautiful. Unfortunately I took all of three pictures so I don't have any to post, but our friend Jeremy took about 500 so as soon as he sends those over to me I will post a few. A few highlights from the wedding included doing the polka, the photo booth, and eating chocolate covered potato chips.

I'll be sure to elaborate on the wedding as soon as I get those photos!

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MegCherry said...

Congrats to Chris! That's very exciting news!