A Weekend Away

All summer Chris and I have been trying to get to my family's cabin in northern az. We've been so busy with things around the house and Chris' crazy work schedule that every weekend was deemed "unacceptable" for a trip to the pines. This weekend was to be no different, we had planned on going until Chris found out he had to work Saturday night and since he needs both the Internet and a land line, the cabin was officially out. I must admit I was pretty bummed until Friday afternoon! I got a call while at the office from him telling me that his work on Saturday night was cancelled and we could still go up for the weekend. Now I am usually too worried about being ready for a trip that it's hard for me to make last minute changes to a plan, especially when it involves an entire weekend out of town, but I sucked it up and said "let's go!" I left work early, did some last minute grocery shopping, came home and packed up.

The weekend was great. Saturday morning we took a walk with Peanut. He was loving his walk until he decided he was too tired to continue any further which meant that Chris carried him for a good 1/4 mile until Peanut regained his strength. In the afternoon we ventured to Tonto Natural Bridge, the largest natural Travertine bridge in the world. We hiked all of the trails and had a great time. Here are some pictures from the trip.

The rest of the weekend was full of reading, eating, and watching college football. I was so happy that we had the chance to enjoy the mountains before Chris heads off to Virginia.

And as soon as I get those wedding photos I will elaborate on that trip too!

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