Just a quick little note

It's Labor Day Weekend and we are headed up to Denver for a friend's wedding! We are very excited for the trip. We fly out tonight and plan on going on in Downtown Denver with some friends. Tomorrow is the wedding and we fly home Sunday. The weather should be beautiful, and I'm looking forward to it.

On another note, we had a horrible horrible storm last night. In parts of the valley it looks like a tornado went through. My mom's clinic was closed today because they don't have electricity. On my drive to work I saw a giant metal billboard bent down and sitting on a car. It was unbelievable. Trees are down everywhere and it's actually quite sad. Hurricane winds were reported around the valley and hail pelted some parts of the city. Luckily our yard was somehow spared and we didn't lose a single tree, which is a miracle considering how small some of them are.

I'll be sure to post a few photos of the wedding. I'm trying very hard to be a better picture taker, now if only I had a new digital camera!

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MegCherry said...

I heard about the storm and I saw some footage on Fox News! I can't believe all the damage! We'll be getting lots of rain from Hurricane Gusta. Hope we can still go camping!

Have fun in Denver!