Loves To Run

That should be my bumper sticker, if I wanted a bumper sticker that is. I really do love to run. I'm sure a lot of people think I'm crazy. My weekly routine as of late consists of running 3-4 days a week for a total of around 20 miles. Of course that will increase as I run longer to prepare myself for the San Antonio 1/2 marathon. I also get up at around 4:15 every Saturday to run at 5:00am with my mom and aunt. This turns most people off automatically. How can I run at 5:00am? If you lived in Arizona you'd surely understand. In the summer it does not cool off, ever! In the winter its better, we start around 6:00, 6:30 and sometimes even 7:00. Considering I get up at least three days during the work week at 4:40 to lift weights before work, sometimes it's considered sleeping in...haha. Ok, that might be a little sick, but it's been my routine for over a year and I make it work.

Based on a post by my friend Megan, who is running the San Antonio race as well (her first one), I've created my own version of my "Top 10" for running.
  1. Running shoes - The only shoes I've ever worn since I started running, well the only style. I've gone through quite a few pairs over the years. Asics Gel Kayanos.
  2. Headband - Since I had bangs for quite a while, I'd either pin them back or wear one of these. They are quite handy and stay in place better than most. Goody Sport No Slip.

  3. iPod - I try to run with my iPod, especially if I'm on the treadmill. It keeps me going and I am always changing the music selection so I don't get bored. Plus it's so small I barely notice it!

  4. Gu - When I run 7 miles or more I bring one of these for a snack during the run. I've gotten really good at running and eating! Oh, and I will only eat the Chocolate.

  5. Heart Rate Monitor - So I must admit that I don't use the actual heart rate part, only the watch. To be honest I don't want to know that I could be dying while running!

  6. Water bottle - Even though I rarely race with water, I use this for my outside training runs. I love it and my mom and I have the same one! No photo available for this one, but it has an elastic strap that you put your hand through and it hold the water bottle to your hand.

  7. - Where I log all of my miles. I love my training log, it tabulates things like pace, miles run per week, month, year, etc. and you can even log how many miles you run in one pair of shoes. It's free and awesome.

  8. Sunglasses - Since Arizona has so many sunny days, sunglasses are a must. No photo for these either, but I bought them at a pre-race expo for $20 and they are polarized and work great.

  9. My mom - It might sound cheesy but she's the one who makes me do my long runs. And I say "make" in the nicest way possible. We almost always meet up for a run, she figures out the route and I follow along. I'm fine during the week, but the though of running 6+ miles alone stinks.
  10. Clothes - Haha, don't think that I forgot this one. I really can't say anything particular about this, because I really just wear whatever I feel like. I have a lot of running stuff, although I'm at the point of needing a few new things. My latest purchase was a pair of shorts from Old Navy (below) that I'm really liking.


MegCherry said...

I love your running list! Gu makes me want to throw up! How do you drink it?!?! I want a fancy watch like yours! Also I love that picture of you and your mom...where are ya'll?

Are you running the full or half?

MegCherry said...
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