Things to look forward to

With Chris' departure soon upon us, I've been trying to stay positive and think of things that I can look forward to while he's gone. We are now 15 days away, and it still seems unreal. I'm certainly not ready to "live alone" again but it will certainly be an experience!
  1. Less laundry to do, and certainly no boxers and undershirts to fold.
  2. I can watch whatever I want on the big screen.
  3. The food/electricity/water bills should be smaller.
  4. When I get ready for work I can have all the lights on.
  5. I don't have to blow dry my hair in the guest bathroom.
  6. No one stealing the covers.
  7. A break from the Military Channel.
  8. Earlier bed times.

On another note, I am planning on doing a few projects around the house, mostly small things such as painting and replacing fixtures. I'll make sure to keep everyone posted on my progress!

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