After two years we have new hallway lighting! I'm sure that most people don't really care about the lighting in their hallway, but this was honestly something that had been bothering me since we moved in. Ok, to be honest, since we looked at the house. I actually noticed these lights and mentioned that they would have to be changed. They are simply not my style, and in fact, they scream Southwest! However, hallway lighting was on the back burner to many other things, especially when I hadn't found any replacements that I truly loved. UNTIL...I found some at Home Depot on clearance for $9.00 a piece! At this point I couldn't turn them down, they were nice and neutral and not anything that looked like it belonged in a Southwestern museum.

I had planned on putting these up when I painted the hallway, most likely while Chris was gone. Yes this weekend, Chris surprised me by putting up the lights on Saturday afternoon. They are incredible! Thanks so much to my handyman, you are the greatest :)

I do still have to do some spackeling where the old light was, and repaint of course, but this is it! There are two, but I only took a picture of one.

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