Stay Away Fay!

Not from us, since we are safely in the desert thousands of miles away, but from Chris' parent's house in Islamorada, FL! For those not familiar with South Florida, Islamorada is located in that popular chain of islands known as the Florida Keys. See below for a map of exactly where they are located. We have been out of touch with the news the past few days, but yesterday I read that the Keys were under evacuation notice for tourists because of tropical storm Fay. Then this morning I read that Fay is expected to become a full blown hurricane in the next 24 hours! Fay has already killed more than 7 people in Haiti and right now the National Weather Service is predicting more than 10 inches of rain and and storm tides more than 5 feet their normal size.

The only good news is that Chris' parents are spending their summer in New Jersey, like they do every year for this exact reason. Their house was fully hurricane proofed before they left in case of an event like this. While their house might not be immediately affected, their yard is especially vulnerable to storms. A few years back, their yard had severe damage after hurricane Rita hit. His parents spent countless hours trying to bring their plants back to life. Some things survived, but many did not. I just hope that this won't affect them like Rita did. Their home in Florida has brought me so many great memories over the past few years, and I know how much they love living there. I will post again once I have any updates, but for now I thought I'd post a few photos from our most recent trip.

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