Recipe Wednesday Is Back

Even though I've reformatted the blog, I still want to keep Recipe Wednesday. This week's recipe is dedicated to summer...Cherry Pie! My mom's birthday was July 3rd, and since she is usually the birthday dessert maker in our family and I didn't want her to make her own birthday treat, I volunteered. On the cover of her Cooking Light magazine was this recipe and that's what Mom wanted, so I went with it. The only thing I did differently was that I used homemade pie crust and didn't have a coffee grinder for the tapioca so I skipped that step. Everything else is the same. I guarantee this will be one of the best cherry pie's you've ever had. I highly recommend buying the cherries at Costco/Sam's Club too to avoid the high price of some grocery stores.

Instead of typing the recipe, just click here to get a printable version of the recipe. One more thing as well, I highly recommend buying the cherry pitter they suggest. I did and it was so easy to use. It only took me about 20 minutes to pit all the cherries. This is a messy process though, so be aware of flying cherry juice!

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MegCherry said...

I wish I could have tried a slice of that pie. (with ice-cream of course!) Cherries are the best! :)

Tell your mom Happy belated Birthday!

I made my video on my Mac and uploaded to viddler. It was really easy! I love that song too. it would be a sweet first dance. ;) Do I hear wedding bells?