The "Best" Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week's recipe was something I found off a blog that I frequent regularly called Bake Or Break. I really like this site because of the photos they take. One day I hope to photograph my good half as well as they do. This recipe intrigued me simply from the title...My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'd been wanting to give these a try for a few weeks, but hadn't had a good reason to until my parents graciously spent their whole weekend helping us to finish the backyard. They LOVE chocolate chip cookies, and I must say, they were pretty tasty. Not your typical toll house cookie, but overall very good. Chris especially loved them as they were coming out of the oven and I ate more than my fair share as well. The best part was that they are still soft and chewy the next day. I think that I will be making these again. Try them, you won't regret it!

Click here for a copy of a printable copy of the recipe.

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Sam and Mandy said...

I tried these also from this site and LOVED them; I think they were gone in one evening from everyone eating them!