A Great Assistant In The Kitchen

I've made cookies twice in the last week, something that is rare for me since if they are around, they will end up in my tummy rather quickly. However, I had two great reasons to bake for other people. One was for my friend Colby who just got engaged (exciting!) and the other was for our Memorial Day BBQ.

Before this, I don't even remember the last time I made cookies that weren't from the already made cookie dough that's sitting in my freezer. Side note: don't worry, it's homemade key lime cookie dough from Chris' mom that she brings me b/c I love them so much and they are thousands of miles away. For my birthday my great aunt had given me a cookie scoop. This was my first opportunity to use it, and its my item of the week!

The cookie scoop is essentially a smaller ice cream scoop, but it makes making same sized cookies so much easier! All you do is scoop up even amounts of dough and plop it right on a cookie sheet. No more spoon, no more guessing on the size. Now I will admit this is more of a convenience item, not a necessity, but it makes your life just a little bit easier in the long run. If you want to buy one, try Marshalls, Ross, Home Goods, etc. since they are a little pricey (Over $10). However, I've seen them numerous times in these locations and for a severely discounted rate. They come in multiple sizes too for large or small cookies!


MegCher said...
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berley said...

that's so funny. i was just talking to phronise about cookie scoops this weekend.