For The Hostess With The Mostest!

Do you even feel the desire (or need in some cases) to bring the hostess of a gathering a small token of your appreciation? As my past week and weekend consisted mostly of running errands, I've noticed something that is becoming increasingly popular... (drumroll please)... the apron! Now I've always loved fancy aprons; when I was little, I had a whole drawer of them in my parents kitchen. In fact, my favorite one had a pig on it and was from Iowa, a gift from my dad. For Christmas two years ago, my parents once again came through and presented me with the most adorable apron I'd ever layed eyes on. And now? I see them everywhere. When I was at Kirklands I saw them, and on sale for only $15.00. Later that weekend, when I was Joann, I saw that they have the kits to make them. Everything is included, only beginning level sewing required. And only a few days ago, I was in Anthropologie, and saw them once again.

They come is all price ranges and styles, but they seem to be a hit everywhere. These would also make a great Mother's Day gift, after all, it's only a few days away. Of course, make sure your mom actually cooks, and she wouldn't be offended...that would be a bad way to celebrate mom's day. But on a lighter note, below is a picture of me and my mom wearing out matching aprons. It's old, but its a photo nevertheless. Both are Jessie Steele and were purchased at Sur La Table.

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