Creating Home Decor Out Of Vacation Memories

As beach season grows near, I have the perfect home decor item to make out of those precious beach memories. I have always enjoyed collecting sea shells while at the beach. Most families, especially kids, do as well. However, once the shells make it home, they often get shut away in a drawer or cabinet, never to see daylight again. Its time to rescue them! Not only this project a nice centerpiece or display item, it allows you to actually showcase your beach memories. The best part of this project is that shells can be added from each beach you visit. My shown masterpiece includes memories from Mexico, California, Florida, and Panama!

Materials Needed
Beach Memories (shells, sea glass, etc.)
Glass or plastic vase

Place shells in colander and let water run over them to clean off any remaining sand. Lay shells on towel to dry completely. While shells dry, fill vase with sand to desired level. Use glass cleaner to clean the inside of the vase, the sand may cause some dust to settle on the inside of the vase. Once your memories are dry, place in vase in desired locations. I suggest putting any larger shells you have at the bottom so they don't cover the smaller ones. And viola, you have an instant decor piece out of practically nothing!

Beach Memories ($0) + Vase ($9.99) + Sand ($0) = $10.71 TOTAL ( including tax)


Bub said...

You are adorable! I love avoiding finals by reading your blog :)

Melissa said...

I love it! I already have 2 of these in my house - the guest room and the guest bathroom. Have to love it! :)

The Cherry's said...

Cute Idea!
I did this in a few of my hurricane vases expect I used white sand from Destin, FL and placed a candle in the center. It's really cute and a great way to remember a vacation. Remember when we went to Hawaii???? I think I still have some lava rocks :) What could I do with those?

Anonymous said...

You are so Martha Stewart


Anonymous said...

You are so Martha