Celebrate Spring With Backyard Furniture

As I have previously mentioned, we are in the process of "remodeling" our backyard. I'm sure that we aren't the only ones happy to have spring upon us (although for us, it will be in the 100's in a matter of weeks). While Chris was busy determining the new landscaping, I was busy figuring out how to replace my cheap plastic chaise lounge with some "real" furniture, two chaise lounges to be exact. As I was doing research, I was shocked by the price of outdoor furniture. We are talking $600+ for a table and chairs, and $200+ for each chaise lounge. If it was going to be inside my house, fine, but the fact that it will be taking a beating from the sun and heat, well that's just ridiculous.

LUCKILY, my parents came to the rescue! My mom found some wonderful chaise lounges at Linens n Things. Not only were they inexpensive, but sturdy and made of rust-free metal. You can use a 20% off coupon, and they also accept competitors coupons, specifically from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Be smart and get two, then its 20% off each chair. This is why they are my Item of the Week! What exactly is that you might ask? It's a new thing I'm starting to showcase one new (or not new) home item that tops my favorites list for the week. This week its my new patio furniture. It's a stylish edition to any backyard and is perfect for that twenty something who doesn't want to break the bank to spend a little more time outdoors. Thanks Mom and Dad!

P.S. Actual photos of the furniture in my backyard will be coming shortly.

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