30 Days of Photography {Week 3} and then some

Well we are at week 3 now, almost 4. I'll admit I've slacked a lot, mostly due to being sick last week, and still working on gaining full strength back. Here are a few more photos I've taken and edited throughout the past week and a half.
August 15 - Elk Antlers. Edited in Gimp. This elk skull and antlers are sitting in my grandparents' backyard as a decoration piece. There's actually two sets of interlocking antlers. If this grosses you out, stop reading now. But my gramma and grandpa are both hunters, and these were their trophies from 2007. They are HUGE in person, this photos doesn't show them justice in that manner, but I loved the color I was able to achieve.
August 19 - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Edited in Gimp. Last Wednesday, when I wasn't feeling too hot, I made these out of desperation. I was craving a fall treat, even though it was at least 105 here. I also happened to have some leftover pumpkin in the freezer and so these were made. They might have been the best thing ever, at least for that moment. I'm pretty sure I ate at least 8 that night. No joke.
August 22 - Dessert Plates. Edited in Gimp. Saturday night I hosted a girl's night dessert party at my house. Since we only have Corelle dishes at our house (don't cringe please) I had wanted to buy some dessert type plates for the party. I ended up finding a great deal on a set of mismatched plates at Marshalls and they were only $1 a plate! I bought 12 total. I'm not sure it's really a set, but they are different patterns of off white and I love them. They are more like small dinner plate size, so I hope to get some good wear out of them.
August 26 - Desert Tortoise. Edited in Gimp. My parents' backyard has a few of these guys that call the place home. This is either Samantha or Goliath, I can't ever tell them apart. They are the biggest, and are probably 40 years old or so. They've had a bunch of babies over the years, much to my mom's dismay, which results in lots of baby tortoises. The backyard and laundry room are full of these guys. It's illegal in Arizona to sell them, but sometimes they give them away to family or friends.
Tonight will make for some good photos I hope. My mom is helping to host a party and she's hired me to make sure all the food and drinks stay replenished throughout the night. I'm happy to do it, and plan on taking lots of food photos before the guests arrive. I'll also be taking some guest shots and working on my "people" skills. Wish me luck!

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Meg said...

please share the pumpkin cookies recipe! i love the taste of fall!