30 Days of Photography {Week 2}

So here we are...week 2. While it's hard to take photos every day, basically due to lack of subjects, I'm still getting 5-6 quality photos per week. I'm still having a lot of fun with it, but if anyone has a subject idea, please let me know! It's so hot here that doing anything outside is pretty torturous, I wish it was cooler so I could take a field trip or two around town to get some good shots. But without further adieu, here's week 2!

August 10 - Peanut. Edited for color in Gimp. Peanut is my almost 5 year old Chihuahua. This photos captures his beautiful eyes perfectly. Those eyes get me every time. That and his ears. He positions his ears different ways and each time he resembles something different. My favorite is the Yoda look.
August 12 - Raw eggs. Unedited. I was looking for something other than my parent's animals to photography one morning and my mom was making breakfast. I love the color of the egg yolks, although according to my mom, nothing beats the color of fresh egg yolks. The blue bowl contrasts nicely with the yellow yolks.
August 13 - Failed cookies. Edited for color in Gimp. These cookies were from the first batch of a new recipe. As you can see here, they didn't turn out so well. Of course that doesn't mean they didn't get eaten anyway, they just didn't make it into the gift boxes I was making. The recipe is courtesy of Pioneer Woman if you are interested. Note that I meant to upload the cropped photo without the cord in the background, so picture it that way.
August 14 - Roxy. Unedited. I love this picture of my parent's cat. She was sitting on a bench in their living room. I love the contrast of the bench with her fur.

August 15 - Cherry Pie. Unedited. Oh cherry pie, how I love thee. This pie was from the weekend's birthday festivities. We did a multi-birthday celebration with my dad's family and my mom and I brought this pie along as her birthday desert. I will admit that we both messed it up a little, me with the crust and my mom with the filling. Didn't stop us from eating it though, or photographing it for that matter!

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