I think this picture pretty much sums up what happened when I returned to my parent's house last week...

I found my Ralph Lauren heels sitting nicely on the dresser, yet one seemed to be a little "different" than the other. Needless to say I was not thrilled. My mom kept trying to blame Gulliver, their 11 year old yellow lab who is a retired seeing eye dog and who probably never chewed on anything in his life. We don't know who the true culprit was, but it was either their (my) beagle Jack or Peanut. Or a combo of both. Either way, the incident required me to buy some new shoes this past weekend, since I wear brown heels at least 2-3 times a week. Glad to report I found some new cute ones at DSW for $20 on the clearance rack! So I guess I can secretly say thank you Jack and/or Peanut for forcing me to buy some new shoes, when just last week I commented that I could probably use some new ones.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! I just got home from a nice Irish meal with family, but will have to blog about that later. Time to get ready for bed, since I have an early wake up call tomorrow!

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mom said...

i still think it was gulliver