Yoga Challenge Day #1

Day #1 is officially complete. As scheduled, I went to my first yoga class this morning after a 5 mile run. It actually went pretty well! As I wrote in my last post, the class was titled Yoga for Runners/Hikers. There was no chanting or other odd yoga related activities so I didn't laugh at all, first thing accomplished. We started off with some pretty easy stuff, easy in that I could actually do it without making a fool of myself. The only thing that was difficult was that darn downward dog position. It was better than I remember, but my hands and feet kept slipping on the mat. I am going to ask next time if it's just me, or if that's a problem for a lot of people. The good news was that we didn't go into that position for long periods of time.

Our instructor reminded us that yoga is not about competition with others, which is exactly the opposite of my personality. It was hard for me to not look around at each person and see whether or not I was doing better or worse than each of them. Of course this was only in my own eyes, and since I'm not exactly a yoga pro, I can't be any kind of judge. It's not that I judge anyone else, it's that I judge myself. I think I'm going to go back tomorrow for a New to Yoga class and see if I can lower my own standards.

Stay tuned for a holiday update!

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Jessica B said...

Hey Janelle,
So I am a little behind on your blog. I started yoga recently too and the downward dog is also my nemesis. I have the same problem with my hands slipping but no one else seems to have that problem. I thought maybe it was my mat but then saw you mention it too. Is it still a problem for you?