Saying Goodbye

That's what this weekend is dedicated to...saying bye to Chris. This afternoon his friends from his office are having a get together at BJ's Brewery. I love that place, so I'm pretty happy about their decision. Their pizookie is to die reminds me of my college dance team. We ate a lot of that stuff. Saturday night Chris and I are going out to dinner. It's a surprise location, but I think he's already figured it out. We are doing dinner one place and dessert at another, so I'm excited to spend a night out with him. Sunday early afternoon we are having some friends over for one last pool party. I'm guessing it will be the last time I get in the pool for the summer. Even those it's still in the 100's here temp wise, it's not much fun to go swimming by yourself. And finishing off the weekend is dinner with my parents and grandparents Sunday night. We are going for pizza, Chris' favorite! I'm hoping to take lots of photos of the events, but knowing me, that might not happen. I also made Chris a little something special, but I don't want to share that either until after the weekend in case he decides to sneak around.

I must admit something feels a little weird about all of this. I was making my grocery list and realized that after Thursday I didn't even know what to plan to make for dinner. I think I'll be eating a lot of cereal over the next month!

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MegCherry said...

I'm going to BJ's tonight with some friends from CA. They keeping going on and on about the pizookie. Their exact quote, "If heaven had a taste it would taste like a pizookie." hahaha! Can't wait!

Sad that Chris is leaving! Hang in there! Miss You!