A Little Costco Crazy

This past weekend was filled with a few different things, but among them were our 3 trips to Costco. YES...3 trips! It wasn't really on purpose, it just kind of happened. Chris needed new tires, but since the membership is in my name, I had to go with him. So we were there for the initial order, and then had to go back later in the day to pick up his car. Of course both trips required a stroll around the entire store. Then Sunday, after a trip to Krispy Kreme (the only one in the state) we headed over to a new Costco that we learned was selling Burburry purses, True Religion jeans, and Juicy sweatsuits. We also did the complete walk around that store as well. My Costco card is definitely my item of the week for the following reasons:
  1. Their gas is cheaper than the regular gas stations. Since I fill up my tank more than once per week due to my long commute and busy schedule, this is very helpful. Today I noticed that their gas was at least $0.10 cheaper per gallon than the other stations in the area.
  2. You can eat lunch...for free! On the weekends, there are all kinds of different sample stations strategically placed around the store and you can often go back for more than one. Some of the things I sampled this week are sausage, turkey, quesadillas, salsa, cheese, bread, oatmeal, fruit snacks, pistachios and peanut butter.
  3. Even if you can't fill up on samples, their snack bar is great. The food is tasty, not very healthy, but tasty and the price is just right. I recommend the pizza!
  4. Their prices can be cheaper if you shop right. I don't buy everything there, but toilet paper, paper towels, pure vanilla extract (weird I know, but I use a lot of it), wine, granola bars and zip lock bags are only a few items I like to buy because of the money savings you get from buying in bulk. I also buy these amazing bean, cheese, and rice burritos that are organic, only have 1 gram of fat per burrito and are less than 300 calories!
I know that some people like Sam's Club better and I'm certainly not debating that issue, one because I don't have a Sam's membership and two because I know a very high ranking official at Sam's. My reasons work for any big box store, so if you don't have a membership to one of these, I say an investment in one is a great idea. You can certainly make up your initial investment with the savings you'll have throughout the year. Just make sure not to over shop while you are there!

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