Huge Tasks Ahead

This weekend got me thinking about the huge tasks we have ahead of us in the next few months. My goal is to work on each of the rooms in our house, one or two weekends per room, to get them to where I feel they are actually "done". It's amazing how much you can change a room with a few simple ideas. My first step is the guest room since we are expecting guests at the end of this month! Below are two older photos of the "before" look. My goal is to spend less than $100 on the room transformation. We've already refinished a dresser Chris found in the trash (yes, the trash, as in a large dumpster at a friend's apartment complex) and bought prints from a local artist in the Florida Keys. As you can see from the bedding, the theme is tropical.

This is where some of my simple home decorating tips will come in handy. I'll give the run down when I've completed the project but a few things I have up my sleeve are...

  • Buy a variety of frames and fill them with photos from Florida and the beach to go on top of the dresser.
  • Take down the not-so-pretty shelving and glow-in-the-dark stars that were left by the previous owner and add some smaller shelves instead.
  • Paint the walls a soft color.
  • Possibly add drapes or a valance over the window.
Summer is a great time to work on indoor projects, because let's face it, it's darn hot outside and you can only take so much sun and heat! My suggestion is to work room by room in order to not feel so overwhelmed. The other big task is to clean out each room as you tackle the decor part. A cluttered room won't have the same pizazz, no matter how nicely it's decorated. Donate unwanted items to charity, or save for a garage sale later. Also, stick to a budget. Don't let yourself go overboard and try to save money wherever you can.

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