Bread Machines Are The Best!

This is acting as a follow up to my recipe featured yesterday. I apologize to those of you who don't have bread machines, but really, they are the easiest way to make daily (or weekly or monthly...) bread. Some types of bread just can't be made that way, which I totally understand, but if you want to save your sanity and love making bread, or even just want to try making bread, this is a great way to do it. Bread Machine = Item Of the Week!

It's not at all necessary to buy a bread machine for full price. Try checking your local garage sales or Craig's list, and see if you can get a used one. People often buy them, never use them, and want to get rid of them. Mine came from Chris' mom. After she helped me with my baking adventure mentioned below, she sent Chris home with her old machine, on a cross country airplane, in his suitcase. If you do have to buy a new one, no need for the fancy kind, any one that has a dough feature will do.

Most recipes are also adaptable for a machine as well. I even have a Monkey Bread kit that's be haunting me because it looked like a lot of work until I read below the instructions and found the bread machine instructions. It was a happy day for me. And like I said before...I NEVER bake the bread in the machine, I only use it to mix the dough. It's like that Ronco guy, "Set it and forget it!"

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