Earth Day Follow Up

I reached my goal and bought reusable bags! After making the promise, I did a lot of research on reusable bags. You won't believe how many different choices are out there. Local grocery stores sell them, but being me, I didn't want to show allegiance to one store, and then show up with them in other stores. Instead I decided to buy from Get Hip Get Green. I purchased a pack of 5 bags (1 more than my goal) and they arrived last night. Of course the first thing Chris said was how they were pricy for reusable bags, but I didn't mind paying a little extra money for the cute design, and the fact that each sale also means a donation to the children’s environmental group, The Green Ambassadors, which provides high school students with experiences that foster personal growth, community service, cross-culture and global exchange and leadership skills to tackle the most critical environmental issues facing our planet. I suggest doing some research of your own and deciding what type of bags you want. I chose these based on their design, and the fact that they were larger, and have a hard bottom, which means that stuff will stay in place and not shift around like plastic or canvas bags. I do have to run to Trader Joes today, so I can test out my new bags there.
Side Note: When you bring reusable bags, or even just your own grocery bag to Trader Joes, they put your name in for a weekly $10 gift card to the store. I haven't won yet, but I'll let you know if I do!

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