I can finally breathe...a little

Well the day finally arrived...Chris is home! He drove in yesterday a little before 5pm. I left work early so that I could be home with he got there. I'll admit it was the best feeling in the world to have him home again. He hadn't actually set foot in our house since December 2008 and he had been on active duty since October 3, 2008. I also hadn't seen him since May, so there was a lot of rejoicing in the house last night.

Last night after he got home, I went to the gym while he napped. I came home and we had a "gourmet" dinner of defrosted baked spaghetti and french bread. We watched all the episodes of Modern Family and then I made homemade pizookie for dessert. My parents bought us our own individual cast iron skillets and I broke them out last night after a long hiatus in the cupboard. After that we crashed since I had to go to work today :( It was hard for me to leave, but I am taking all next week off from work, so I just have to get through the next day and a half.

We have some fun things planned for the next week or so, so I'm hoping to blog A LOT since I won't be working. Stay tuned!

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