Today is my Friday

And I'm pretty darn excited about it! I'm actually blogging from work at the moment. I've been finishing up projects since I'll be out of the office until sometime Monday, so I have a bit of free time. Last night was a loooong night for me. I worked out at my new gym (on a side note, I dead lifted 95lbs and benched 65 lbs, big feats for little ole me, but more about that later) and then came home, scarfed down some dinner, and got to work on my to-do list. I did a ton of exciting things like resetting the pool timer, laundry, packing, putting dishes away, packing up the animals' things and most importantly, getting my ticket.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before, but I'm flying standby on an employee pass, so I never had to actually commit to a flight until last night. Technically I didn't have to last night, but I needed to give Chris an idea of my plan since he'll be picking me up from the airport. We figured out the flight and then went to book. *This is where my lesson comes in. Listen up all you peeps in relationships that involve sharing things like credit/debit cards. I still have to pay the taxes, so I was giving my aunt my credit card information over the phone, and for some reason it wouldn't take. I couldn't understand why it wouldn't accept our zip code. Now, over a year ago the Post Office changed our zip code, so sometimes databases don't accept our new one, but they take our old one, so I just move on. But this time, my aunt must have tried it half a dozen times. This specific card is linked to Chris' account, but has my name on it. Then all of sudden it hit me, he must have changed the billing address to his address in VA when he was having trouble proving temporary residence a month or so ago. HOWEVER, he never bothered to tell me that I would need to use that zip code for it's billing address. I actually had to go onto the card's website and verify what he had done, and yup, I was exactly right. Of course when we tried it with the new zip code, it worked like magic. The moral of the story...don't forget important financial details! I can only imagine how embarrassed I would have been if I had been at a store buying something and asked to put in the zip code, only to be turned down. Not that a lot of places do that, but some do as an extra security measure. So after over an hour of trying to booking my flight, I did it.

Of course, it doesn't mean I'll get one. I'm trying to think positive, but something in the back of my mind keeps saying, "what if you don't get on?" There are 3 non stop flights tomorrow, and I'm trying to get on the earliest one first, so I have at least 3 chances, not including the flights with stops. So any little travel prayers you'd like to send my way, I'd really appreciate it. It might sound trivial, but going 6 weeks (or even longer as we have before) without seeing your best friend is hard, especially when it's still not a sure thing.

Oh a completely separate note, I'm headed to the Suns game tonight! The third time in a month! I'm going with my Grandpa, Dad, and three guys that my dad does business with. I'm sitting with my Grandpa in his seats, and the other four are in my Grandpa's firm seats. I'll try to fill you in more about that either tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm sitting in Row 7 (Yes, I am that cool) so I should get some really good pictures. They are playing Houston, so I'm hoping to get some good photos of Yao and the gang. Go Suns!

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Andy said...

Well, if you g-pa needs someone to use the JHC seats for any of the few remaining games this season, or any time next season, tell him that this former employee will gladly take them off of his hands!