Happy Valentine's Day / President's Day Weekend!

I haven't had a chance to blog about my birthday yet, and I wasn't able to download the pictures before I left the house last night, but today I am leaving to see Chris for the first time in 2009. My flight leaves this afternoon and I fly directly to Baltimore. Chris is picking me up and we are heading directly to Chaps Charcoal Restaurant. I saw this on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and it sounded soooo good. Every time I watch that show I am drooling. Well I found out that it is on our direct route to Avalon, NJ where we will be spending the weekend. I am so incredibly excited. After our dinner stop we will continue our drive to New Jersey. We are staying at his family's beach house for the weekend. I've been there once before and am looking forward to a very quiet weekend. I'm pretty sure most of the weekend will consist of eating and cooking. Since Chris doesn't have a kitchen in the barracks, I am planning on making him some things that he can take back and heat up in his microwave. He's requested enchiladas and lasagna so far. There are also a few places we are planning on eating at, including a pizza place and ice cream parlor. I hope everyone else has a good weekend too and look for some long posts the beginning of next week!

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